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Shingle roofing system

Asphalt Shingles

BRSM has significant experience in installing new or replacement asphalt shingle roofing with special consideration for Northern New England conditions.


Shingles are the standard for residential roofing. They are more affordable than metal roofing, which makes them an excellent alternative.​We proudly install and recommend GAF Asphalt roofing products.

Shingles with Metal Snow Belt

Many homeowners come to us requesting a metal roof, but the simple addition of a metal snow belt to a shingle roof provides all the benefits of a metal roof with the affordability of a shingle roof. A metal snow belt consists of a three foot tall metal panel system along the roof eaves that protects from ice build-up and damming at the roof eaves. It allows the snow to fall off the eaves where ice damming typically occurs but won't unload the entire roof like a metal roof would. 

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